Counter-Strike Portable

Critical Strike Portable - cross-platform online game running on Unity3D engine. The main developer is Igor Levochkin. There are some features in this game:

  • Supporting platforms: Android, iOS, Windows and others PC, running Unity Web Player.
  • nVidia PhysX using.
  • You can play using 2G-network.
  • A lot of different game modes (DeathMatch, Matrix mod, Zombie mod, Survival, Bomb planting, Hostages resque).
  • Bots support.
  • Own room administration, change gameplay settings.
  • LAN-game support.
  • User-made maps support.
  • 2 camera views: first person and third person.
  • etc.

Critical Strike Portable - well-known from childhood game, but in a modern wrap. Project's team says thank you for choosing our game!

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